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Get Noticed and showcase your full athletic potential with the most advanced and detailed highlight video available.

Every athlete with collegiate asperations will have a highlight video to assist in their recruiting process. Setting yourself apart from the competition is a must to gain an edge on your peers.

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Have one of our professional sports videographers attend your game or sporting event to capture it in full HD resolution.

Do away with shaky camera work, blurry footage and missed plays. One of our Pro Video Technicians will attend your event and record it in Full HD 1080p resolution.

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Our team of coaches, recruiters and video technicians will guide you through the entire recruiting process and GET YOU RECRUITED!

We have helped hundreds of our athletes earn several million dollars cumulatively over the past couple of years. Let us guide you through the complicated and often confusing college sports recruiting process.

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In addition to your standard highlight recruiting video, we also have more in depth video editing and production available.

If you are looking to have an event recorded and professionally edited into a compilation, documentary, or highlight style video, our staff can can comprehensive production services for projects of all sizes.

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“After we released the highlight videos put together by VH, my sons offers skyrocketed from only 1, to over 15 in just 1 week! This will get you noticed!”

-B. Fuller

“As a free agent and 3 year veteran, I was without a team and any offers. My videos got me the chance I needed, and now I am back playing Pro Football”

-Jason Foster

“All 3 of my sons have made videos with VH, and they have all played at their reach schools!”

-N. Alsharif

Team VH Insider - Game Of The Week
Demarest vs Ramapo

In a game where it looked like the defenses took the night off, Ramapo took a 21-0 first quarter lead and coasted to a 62-35 victory over Demarest Friday night.

“It looks like we scored a lot of points but I felt we had to,” said Ramapo coach Drew Gibbs. “One of the reasons we scored so many points is they have a potent offense. They have a lot of guys back from last year. They’ve got size, they have speed.


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Varsity Highlights is your connection to the area’s top sports highlight video and recruiting resource in the country.  We specialize in High Definition highlight videos for all sports.  Our videos showcase each player’s full athletic ability.  If you are planning on continuing your athletic career in college, obtaining a highlight reel to showcase your  talent  is a must!

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